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Maryhill Historical Society 40th Anniversary/Heritage Day

The Maryhill Historical Society celebrated its 40th Anniversary on Sunday, September 24, 2017 with Mass at St. Boniface Church, a Cavalcade to Wayside Crosses and Shrines followed with a wonderful  lunch.  After lunch awards and acknowledgements were presented  to members who celebrated their 50th and 60th wedding anniversaries and 80th birthdays and for special work in the community.

The Raffle and Silent Auction fund raiser was a success.  The Maryhill Historical Society greatly thanks the many donors for their generous support.


A Huge “Thank You” to our generous donors.

A&W,  St. Jacobs Kalora Interiors
Amy Schell Ken & Sheila Kurtz
Artefacts Salvage & Design Ken Hanson
Bob Haliburton Linde Canada
Brad Huck Lisa Zettel
Carol Neumann Marlene Bruckhardt
Connie Brohman Martins Garage
Daily Grill Restaurant Mary Ann & Earl Stroh
Danny & Diane Strickler Maryhill K of C
DNR Industries Ltd. Maryhill Maple
EB Games Perfect Touch Massage Therapy
Eco Cafe Reds, Whites & Brews
Elmer & Karen Zettel Rick Lawrence Photography
FYi Doctors Rick Weber, Martin’s Small Engines
George Isley Robert Brown Glass
Griffin Mechanical The Schell Family
Hamel Brooms Stone Crock Restaurant
Home Hardware, St. Jacobs Town & Country Fencing
Huntley O’Hagan Financial TSC, St. Jacobs
Jean Fromm Tyler Griffin
Jean Keller Tyler Thompson
Jeff & Helen Peacock Veslo Family Restaurant
Joan & Earl Haid Wellington Motors


Snapshots of the Day






Cultural/Heritage Landscapes in Woolwich/Wellesley Township

Study hopes to identify cultural heritage landscapes in Woolwich, Wellesley

NEWS Aug 02, 2017 by Anam Latif  Waterloo Region Record

WATERLOO REGION — From rolling farmland to scenic river views, the townships of Woolwich and Wellesley are rich landscapes with plenty to offer.

Two University of Waterloo students hope to identify some of these picturesque rural scenes as potential cultural heritage landscapes with a new study, and they want your help.

“We’re taking a ground-up approach by asking the community first rather than using expert opinion,” said Chris DeGeer, a graduate planning student working on the project.

Cultural heritage landscapes are essentially geographical areas that have importance or significance to a community. Maybe an area has unique natural scenery, perhaps it’s the particular flora or fauna present there that makes it valuable, or maybe it has historical significance, DeGeer said.

“The definition of a landscape is different to different people.”

When municipalities investigate a spot for possible designation, they tend to follow a set of guidelines. Nearby residents are part of the process, but that part usually comes after an area is identified by municipal staff.

“This study will add an extra layer of academic research to existing tools,” said Kate Hagerman, supervisor of cultural heritage at the Region of Waterloo.

Unlike designating a historic structure, a cultural heritage landscape designation is quite different because of the many meanings a landscape can have for the community.

“It’s an interesting exercise,” Hagerman said. “How do you put a boundary around a landscape?”

The picturesque village of West Montrose is the only designated cultural heritage landscape that currently exists in both townships. The team of researchers, heritage advocates and municipal staff hopes to pinpoint some more.

Link to the Survey:


Canada 150 Awards


Award Citation Canada 150



Mary Ann Stroh – Canada 150 award Diane Strickler -Canada 150 award


 Canada Day 2017



2017 History Award Winner

The winner of the Maryhill Historical Society History Award  for 2017 is Alex Zettel.    The award was presented to Alex by MHS President, Tom Schell.







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