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Black History Month 2017

Pat Johnson

Pat John­son is the only African-Cana­di­an buried in the Old Walled ceme­tery. In the fall of 1933 Pat arrived at the Wal­ter Las­by farm on the Dutch Lane.  He was a not­ed for­tune teller who helped find per­sons and objects that were miss­ing.  He went for a meal at least once a day to the home of Andrew and Cather­ine Weil­er who lived on the farm clos­est to him.    His life was some­what of a mys­tery. He worked for neigh­bours, but rarely social­ized.  He was afraid of cam­eras and refused to have his pic­ture tak­en (although there is a pho­to of him walk­ing out the Weil­er Lane.) He played the har­mon­i­ca, but would nev­er play it on Sun­day.  Pat was often seen wear­ing a rosary and after he died, he received a Catholic bur­ial because of the rosary he wore. 

Source: Mary­hill HS Archives

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