Family Histories

These fam­i­ly his­to­ries  and trees are con­nect­ed to the ear­ly set­tlers of Mary­hill. Thank you to these fam­i­lies for your dona­tion.   They are avail­able to peruse at the Hal­ter House on Open House Sun­days from June to Sep­tem­ber and by appoint­ment at oth­er times.

ANSTETT Genealog­i­cal record of the descen­dants of Joseph & Catharine Anstett 1986 donat­ed by Jer­ry & Helen Kieffer

BITSCHI / BITSCHY / BEECHIE / BEECHEY / BEACHEYThe Cana­di­an   Genealog­i­cal His­to­ry of the Bitschi / Bitschy / Beechie / Beechey Beachey Fam­i­ly donat­ed by Austin Beechey

BENNINGER / BENINGERBen­ninger / Beninger Cousins donat­ed by Lau­rie Strome 

BEINGESSNER / WENDLING Beingess­ner – Wendling Fam­i­ly His­to­ry by Sis­ter Mary Mey­er donat­ed by Leonard Bruder

BEINGESSNER & DOSMANJohn Beingess­ner & Brid­get Dos­man Fam­i­ly Tree donat­ed by Jer­ry & Helen Kieffer

BROHMAN And now we are many – Brohman Fam­i­ly by Mar­i­lyn Tone Gray donat­ed by Mrs. There­sa Schell

BROHMAN A road well-trav­elled – Lorne Brohman life sto­ry donat­ed by David Brohman

BRUDER Joseph & Cather­ine Brud­er fam­i­ly his­to­ry 1834–1992 donat­ed by Leonard Bruder

BRUDER Philip Brud­er fam­i­ly 1804–1876 donat­ed by Leonard Bruder

BRUDERArthur Brud­er fam­i­ly 1903 – 1975 Alice Luciel Pas­coe 1914–1992 donat­ed by Leonard Bruder

BRUDER Ignaz Brud­er fam­i­ly 1780 – 1845 donat­ed by Leonard Bruder

BRUDERDescen­dants of George Brud­er 1615 – 1675 donat­ed by Leonard Bruder

BRUDERJoseph Brud­er fam­i­ly index com­piled by Sam Weich­er donat­ed by Leonard Bruder

CLIFFORD Clif­ford Fam­i­ly Data — Eliz­a­beth Ruth Clif­ford donat­ed by Leonard Bruder

DOLL Doll Fam­i­ly Tree donat­ed by Irene Doll

DREXLERDrexler His­to­ry & Geneal­o­gy donat­ed by Joan Drexler Richey

ECKERT Biog­ra­phy of Mar­i­anne Eck­ert – A memen­to to my chil­dren, grand­chil­dren and great grandchildren

FEHRENBACH Descen­dants of Johannes Fehren­bach & Brigit­ta Seng donat­ed by Marie Durrer-Voisin 

FISCHER – The Fis­ch­er Peo­ple donat­ed by Mau­rice Kelly

GATSCHENE – Gatsch­ene Fam­i­ly History 

GEHLAnces­tors and Descen­dants of Charles and Mary Anna Gehl donat­ed by Tom Hahn

GERMAN/FRENCH SETTLERSThe Ger­man- French Set­tlers of Water­loo Coun­ty and sur­round­ing coun­ties of the begin­nings 1824–1850s com­plied by Chris Bow­man 1991–2011

GOETZFaith, Farm and Fam­i­ly – The Sto­ry of Oscar and Mar­garet Goetz donat­ed by Ken Hanson

GOETZ Appen­dix – Faith, Farm and Fam­i­ly donat­ed by Ken Hanson

GOETZ Descen­dants of Math­ias Goetz & Made­laine Blum donat­ed by Lor­raine T.M. Raftis Goetz

GOETZ / BROHMAN / LAUBER / LEHMAN Fam­i­ly Trees donat­ed by Ken Hanson

GRUNDY In mem­o­ry of Joe Grundy 1942 – 2000 donat­ed by Mar­i­on Roes

HAUS / HAUSS Haus / Hauss Fam­i­ly Book 1

HAUS / HAUSS Haus / Hauss Fam­i­ly Book 2

HANSSON / FORWELLEast meets West – Hans­son and For­well Fam­i­ly His­to­ry 2014 donat­ed by El-Jay Hansson

KELLER George Keller and Eliz­a­beth Mag­dale­na Seitz Fam­i­ly donat­ed by Leonard Bruder

KIEFFER – Joseph Kief­fer and Maria Mag­dale­na Stut­ter Fam­i­ly His­to­ry donat­ed by Jer­ry and Helen Kieffer

KLOEPFER / GILKER – Kloepfer / Gilk­er Cana­di­an Ances­tral Roots donat­ed by Ed Schmitt

KLOEPFER – Kloepfer fam­i­ly pho­tos donat­ed by Ed Schmitt

KLOEPFER- Disc donat­ed by Bill Kloepfer Jr.

KLOEPFER – Kloepfer Ances­tral Data donat­ed by Father Ed Scheuerman

KLOEPFER Ger­man / Cana­di­an Her­itage donat­ed by Father Ed Scheuerman

KLOEPFER / GILKER - Cana­di­an Roots donat­ed by C.V. Kloepfer 1991

KLOEPFER / KLOPFER – Kloepfer / Klopfer Geneal­o­gy & more donat­ed by Bill Kloepfer

KLOEPFER - Kloepfer Mem­o­ries donat­ed by Rev. Edward L. Scheuerman

KLOEPFER Kloepfers of New Ger­many donat­ed by Ed Schmitt

KUENNEMANNDescen­dants of Joseph & Pierre (Peter) Kuen­ne­mann of Mortzwiller, Alsace, France donat­ed by Lar­ry Kuen­ne­mann & Rober­ta Corbin

KUNKEL Descen­dants of Johann Adam Kunkel & Gertrud Hor­nit donat­ed by Lar­ry Edward Martin

MEYERLouis Mey­er Sr. Fam­i­ly donat­ed by Sharon Koch

REINHART Mar­tin Rein­hart Fam­i­ly donat­ed by Beat­rice & Eileen Reinhart

REINHART Joseph Rein­hart Fam­i­ly Tree donat­ed by Shirley Reinhart

REINHARTJohn Rein­hart Fam­i­ly Tree donat­ed by Shirley Reinhart

REINHARTRein­hart Her­itage – Ger­many 1617 – Cana­da 1993 donat­ed by Ger­rard Dietrich

REINHARTFam­i­ly His­to­ry of Got­tfried Rein­hart donat­ed by Eileen Reinhart

REIST Peter Reist of Lan­cast­er Coun­ty, Penn­syl­va­nia and some of his Descen­dants reprint­ed by George and Agnes Reist and donat­ed by Diane Strickler 

SCHARBACH Schar­bach Fam­i­ly Tree 2002 – donat­ed by Lor­raine Zeiler

SCHELLSchells of New Ger­many donat­ed by Thomas L. Schell

SCHMIDT / EPOCH / SHONIKER – Schmidt / Epoch / Shoniker Fam­i­ly Trees for Faith Farm & Fam­i­ly – The Sto­ry of Oscar and Mar­garet Goetz donat­ed by Ken Hanson

SCHEUERMANScheuer­man mem­o­ries donat­ed by Father Ed. Scheuerman

SCHMUCK – Schmuck Tree donat­ed by Ron Schmuck

SCHLOSSER – Schloss­er Fam­i­ly Tree donat­ed by Julie & Mike Schlosser

SCHUETT The Schuett Saga donat­ed by Don Raper

SCHUETT The Schuett Saga – Gen­er­a­tions 8 donat­ed by Don Raper

SCHUMAKER – The Schu­mak­er Fam­i­ly Tree donat­ed by Shirley Hoffarth

SCHUMAKER Math­ias Schu­mak­er & Gertrud Kraemer donat­ed by Leonard Bruder

SCOTTWilliam Scott and his extend­ed fam­i­ly donat­ed by Marie Voisin

STEFFLER Stef­flers – Ear­ly Set­tlers donat­ed by Eileen Wilson

STEFFLER Joseph Stef­fler & Bar­bara Dit­ner com­piled by Sis­ter Vir­gina Stef­fler donat­ed by Ted Isley

STEFFLER – George Stef­fler & Maria Anna Weil­er donat­ed by Eileen Wilson

STEFFLER John Michael Stef­fler Fam­i­ly Tree donat­ed by Eileen Wilson

STEFFLER – Abby Stef­fler & Bar­ney Rich donat­ed by Eileen Wilson

STEFFLERMar­i­an­na Stef­fler & William Zuber donat­ed by Eileen Wilson

STEFFLER - Louis Stef­fler & Johan­na Mar­i­ann Lang donat­ed by Eileen Wilson

STEFFLER George Stef­fler Fam­i­ly donat­ed by Eileen Wilson

STEFFLER - Leon Stef­fler Fam­i­ly donat­ed by Eileen Wilson

STEMMLERThe Joseph Stemm­ler & Mag­dale­na Gatsch­ene Fam­i­ly donat­ed by Joseph Stemmler

UHRICHUhrich ances­tors and their fam­i­lies – Alsace to Water­loo & Bruce Coun­ties donat­ed by Wayne Visnowski

WAECHTER - Descen­dants of Theobald Waechter fam­i­ly donat­ed by Mau­rice Kelly

WAECHTER - George Waechter & Bar­bara Foer­ster 1846 – 1997 com­piled by Blanche Moser donat­ed by Leonard Bruder

VOISINCas­par Voisin & Maria Zichar Fam­i­ly Tree donat­ed by Dianne Kuntz

WEILERWeil­er pic­tures donat­ed by John J. Weiler

WEILER Weil­ers of Mary­hill, Ontario – 3 relat­ed clan fam­i­lies 1803 – 2005 donat­ed by John J. Weiler

WEISHAARThe Weishaar fam­i­ly 1818–1983 donat­ed by Eve­lyn Cronin O’Neill

WILHELM Fam­i­ly His­to­ry of Antho­ny Wil­helm II donat­ed by Beat­rice Reinhart

YAECK – Fred­er­ick Yaeck & Kather­ine Dieger Geneal­o­gy 1968 com­piled by Albert Yaeck,  typed by Kather­ine Wilt  donat­ed by Leonard Bruder

JANZ (YANTZ) Janz Fam­i­ly Reunion – Souris, Man­i­to­ba June 30 – July 2, 2006 donat­ed by Diane Strickler

ZETTEL Johann Zettel descen­dants from 1720. Donat­ed by Leonard Bruder

ZINGERThe fam­i­lies of Joseph & There­sia Zinger donat­ed by Diane Strickler

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