Village of Maryhill

Mary­hill is a unique small vil­lage in South­ern Ontario.



Many of the res­i­dents of Mary­hill and the sur­round­ing area are descen­dants from a dozen Euro­pean fam­i­lies that set­tled here in the ear­ly 1899’s from Alsace and Baden.  In par­tic­u­lar large num­bers of imi­grants came from Souf­flen­heim, north of Stras­bourg, Alsace between 1829 and 1860.  It is not uncom­mon for 4 or 5 gen­er­a­tions of fam­i­ly to have lived on the same farm, pass­ing it down from gen­er­a­tion to gen­er­a­tion. The vil­lage and area is rich with cul­ture and heritage.

The Mary­hill His­tor­i­cal Soci­ety is ded­i­cat­ed to the preser­va­tion of the unique her­itage of the Vil­lage of Mary­hill, Ontario, and the St. Boni­face Catholic Church as well as the sur­round­ing vil­lages ‚ham­lets and farms.

Click the Souf­flen­heim link for an inter­est­ing his­to­ry of the area.  This his­tor­i­cal infor­ma­tion has bee col­lect­ed by Robert Wideen  who has kind­ly shared his research with the MHS and has allowed it to be used on this website.



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