Publications List

A Journal of New Germany $ 20.00
Extracts from the Gore Census 1828-1840   5.00
History of St. Boniface Church 10.00
Index to Diane Strickler Collection of 1267 Family Trees 15.00
Maryhill Historical Society   5.00
Naturalization Records, Wellington District 10.00
New Germany to Maryhill:  An Historical Journey 10.00
Soufflenheim:  The City of Potters 20.00
The Old Walled Cemetery 25.00
The New Cemetery 20.00
Father  Major Hubert Gehl C.R.-Remembrance Day Address    5.oo
Commemorative Plates    5.00
Maps –various nominal prices

  The Publications are for sale at the Edward Halter House during Open House, by request or by mail.

Items will be mailed via Canada Post.  Postage will be added to the total. 

Please order using our  e-mail address

Payment by cheque to Maryhill Historical Society

or e-transfer to




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