Heritage Day 2022 was a wonderful day.   Thank you to Members and Community Members for contributing with your support.    A very huge thank you to the donors for your generosity. 

Diane Beitz Nick & Lee Ann Wetzel Mary­hill Market/Tara & George Kanellis
Tony Manci­ni Lor­raine Hinsberger South­east Hope Mutu­al Insurance
George Isley Bet­ty Hinschberger Dum­fries Mutu­al Insurance
Ken & Sheila Kurtz Char­lene & Tom Shell Mary­hill His­tor­i­cal Society
 Lin­da Kennedy Joanne Nederand JMH Auto Sales & Service
Frank  Rid­er  Amy Schell/EB Games Mary­hill Organic/Janice Brenneman
Diane Strick­ler St. Boni­face CWL Tom Wil­helm Pro­fes­sion­al Corporation
Jan Stroh Mary Ann Stroh Julia & Peter Tillich
Fran Vegh Pat Weil­er Fred’s Greenhouse/Fred Drexler
Marg Drexler Lisa Zettel Megan Zettel-Yem­m/­Go Bananas
Ron Zinger    

Her­itage Day 2021


Old Walled Cemetery

Take a look at our Old Walled Ceme­tery page for a link to Ron Schmuck­’s web­site.   He has been doing restora­tions to many of the cross­es. Ron has some won­der­ful pic­tures and infor­ma­tion regard­ing St.  Boni­face Old Walled Cemetery.



  Archives & Genealogy Information


We now have infor­ma­tion avail­able about Souf­flen­heim from which many of the fam­i­lies in our area hail, with thanks from Robert Wideen who has so kind­ly shared this with us.  This web­site has a wealth of infor­ma­tion and exquis­ite graph­ics.   click any of the fol­low­ing links:


or at:  https://www.soufflenheimgenealogy.com/


Souf­flen­heim Civ­il Birth Index: 1792–1862
» Souf­flen­heim Geneal­o­gy Research and History


or at:  www.smithancestry.com/alsace/souff­birth




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