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The Maryhill Historical Society


Constitution & Bylaws

updat­ed 20 Nov 2017


Article 1‑Title, Origin, Mission Statement & Objectives

Title and Origin

The name of the orga­ni­za­tion is: The His­tor­i­cal Soci­ety of St. Boni­face and Mary­hill Com­mu­ni­ty.  The Soci­ety is a mem­ber of the Ontario His­tor­i­cal Soci­ety [#2642].  The Soci­ety was incor­po­rat­ed on 13th Sep­tem­ber 1980. [00473077].

The Soci­ety was formed fol­low­ing the 150th Anniver­sary cel­e­bra­tions of the parish in 1977.  The Resource Cen­tre Head­quar­ters of the Soci­ety shall be in the Vil­lage of Mary­hill, Town­ship of Wool­wich.  It is called Hal­ter House.

Mission Statement

The pur­pose and man­date of the Soci­ety is to col­lect, pre­serve, exhib­it and pub­lish the his­to­ry of the area; to dif­fuse infor­ma­tion rel­a­tive to the his­to­ry of the com­mu­ni­ty; to encour­age and devel­op with­in the com­mu­ni­ty the study of his­to­ry and to main­tain a resource cen­tre in the area.


The objec­tives of the His­tor­i­cal Soci­ety of St. Boni­face and Mary­hill Com­mu­ni­ty are:

  • the col­lec­tion, preser­va­tion, exhi­bi­tion and pub­li­ca­tion of mate­r­i­al per­tain­ing to the parish, the school, Mary­hill com­mu­ni­ty in par­tic­u­lar and the area in gen­er­al
  • the acquir­ing doc­u­ments and man­u­scripts and obtain­ing nar­ra­tives and records of pio­neers
  • the main­tain­ing a gallery of his­tor­i­cal por­traits, exhi­bi­tion and pub­li­ca­tion of mate­r­i­al per­tain­ing to the parish, the school, Mary­hill com­mu­ni­ty in par­tic­u­lar and the area in gen­er­al
  • the encour­ag­ing and devel­op­ing with­in this com­mu­ni­ty the study of its his­to­ry

Article 2‑Members

The Soci­ety shall be com­posed of the fol­low­ing class­es of mem­bers:

  • Hon­orary Mem­bers
  • Ex Offi­cio Mem­bers
  • Annu­al & Life Mem­bers
  • Annu­al Mem­bers of all class­es shall be accept­ed by the Board of the Soci­ety at any of the reg­u­lar meet­ings.  Hon­orary Mem­bers shall be cho­sen by the unan­i­mous vote of the mem­bers of the Board present at any reg­u­lar meet­ing.
  • Ex Offi­cio mem­bers shall be the Fed­er­al and Provin­cial mem­bers of Par­lia­ment in both rid­ings of the com­mu­ni­ty, the May­or and the mem­bers of the Wool­wich Town­ship Board and the Pas­tor of St. Boni­face Church in Mary­hill.
  • Annu­al and Life mem­bers shall be accept­ed by a major­i­ty vote of the Mem­bers of Board present at any reg­u­lar meet­ing there­of.
  • Hon­orary and Ex Offi­cio mem­bers shall pay no dues.
  • A pay­ment of either a life­time mem­ber­ship fee or an annu­al mem­ber­ship fee is required.  The amount of the mem­ber­ship fee is to be set and adjust­ed as nec­es­sary.
  • The Pres­i­dent, Vice-Pres­i­dent, Sec­re­tary and Trea­sur­er shall be ex-offi­cio mem­bers of all the com­mit­tees.  In addi­tion to the offi­cers, an audi­tor shall be appoint­ed, when deemed nec­es­sary, at the Annu­al Gen­er­al Meet­ing to exam­ine the books of the Soci­ety before the finan­cial state­ment is pre­sent­ed to the next Annu­al Gen­er­al Meet­ing.
  • All mem­bers of the Board shall hold office until their suc­ces­sors are duly elect­ed of the Soci­ety befoe the finan­cial state­ment is pre­sent­ed to the next annu­al Gen­er­al Meet­ing.  Arti­cle 4 Offi­cers.

Article 3- The Affairs of the Society

  • shall be man­aged by a Board com­posed of the Exec­u­tive and Direc­tors elect­ed at the Annu­al Gen­er­al Meet­ing.

Article 4‑Executive

  • the exec­u­tive con­sists of the Pres­i­dent, Vice-Pres­i­dent, Sec­re­tary, Trea­sur­er and Past Pres­i­dent.  In prac­tice the work­ing exec­u­tive is the Pres­i­dent, Sec­re­tary and Trea­sur­er.

Article 5- Standing Committees

  • The Board may appoint those Stand­ing Com­mit­tees annu­al­ly as it deems nec­es­sary for man­ag­ing the affairs of the Soci­ety.  Prac­tice is to have a direc­tor chair a stand­ing com­mit­tee.
  • Past sub­com­mit­tees include: Archives and Geneal­o­gy, Birth­day Club, Build­ing and Main­te­nance and Way­side Cross­es, Church and School, Fundrais­ing and Dona­tions, Hal­ter Hous­es Resource Cen­tre, Newslet­ter, Pro­gram, Pub­li­ca­tions, Web­site.



1:  Meetings

The annu­al Gen­er­al Meet­ing of this Soci­ety shall be held as soon as prac­ti­cal after Octo­ber 31st. and not lat­er than Novem­ber 30th. Such meet­ings shall be for the elec­tion of offi­cers, pre­sen­ta­tion of reports and papers and for the trans­ac­tion of gen­er­al busi­ness.   Gen­er­al meet­ings may be held dur­ing the year as deemed advis­able by the Exec­u­tive.

Quo­rum:  Four mem­bers shall con­sti­tute a quo­rum of the Board.

The meet­ings of the board shall be held on the call of the Pres­i­dent or upon request to the Pres­i­dent of any three(3) mem­bers of the Board.  Such meet­ings shall be deemed reg­u­lar meet­ings.  The mem­ber­ship must be informed not less than five (5) days pri­or to the date of the meet­ing.

The cur­rrent rules con­tained in Roberts Rules of Order shall gov­ern the Soci­ety in all cas­es to which they are applic­a­ble and in which they are not incon­sis­tent with the bylaws or spe­cial rules of this Soci­ety.

2. Resolutions

All res­o­lu­tions must be pre­sent­ed to the sec­re­tary in writ­ing.

3. Publications

All cor­re­spon­dence and paper must be autho­rized by the Board before being pub­lished in any paper, pam­phlet or peri­od­i­cal under the name of the Soci­ety.

4. Dissolving the Society

In the event that the His­tor­i­cal Soci­ety should cease to func­tion, the fol­low­ing course of action must be fol­lowed:

  • the exist­ing exec­u­tive becomes respon­si­ble for the dis­pos­al of prop­er­ty, mon­ey, arti­facts.  Arti­cles on loan are to be returned to own­ers.
  • all Soci­ety assets are to be used for the ben­e­fit of the imme­di­ate com­mu­ni­ty.  No dis­per­sion of assets or loaned arti­cles shall take place pri­or to twelve (12) months after deci­sion to dis­solve the Soci­ety.

5. Duties of Officers

The Pres­i­dent shall pre­side at all meet­ings of the Soci­ety and con­duct them in accor­dance with the pre­scribed order of busi­ness using Roberts Rules of Order.  The office of Pres­i­dent is for a two year peri­od.  The Pres­i­dent may be re-elect­ed to same office only after two years have elapsed from the time of hav­ing left office.  In absence of the Pres­i­dent, the Vice Pres­i­dent or oth­er mem­ber of the exec­u­tive shall pre­side.

The Sec­re­tary shall issue all notices of meet­ings, shall keep cor­rect min­utes of meet­ings held and shall share elec­tron­i­cal­ly such min­utes or present such min­utes at the next reg­u­lar meet­ing.  The Sec­re­tary will also be respon­si­ble for all cor­re­spon­dence, all print­ing and shall present a report at the Annu­al Gen­er­al Meet­ing.

The Trea­sur­er shall receive, col­lect, hold, and record all fees and oth­er monies received and dis­perse them as autho­rized by the Board.  All monies received or col­lect­ed shall be deposit­ed in a charg­ered bank to the crded­it of the His­tor­i­cal Soci­ety of St. Boni­face and Mary­hill Com­mu­ni­ty.

All accounts shall be paid by cheque and signed by any two of the fol­low­ing offi­cers:  Pres­i­dent, Sec­re­tary, and Trea­sur­er.

The Trea­sur­er shall present an Annu­al Report fol­low­ing accept­ed stan­dard con­ven­tions.  The Trea­sur­er’s Report will be duly exam­ined by one or more qual­i­fied indi­vid­u­als and pre­sent­ed to the Board pri­or to the AGM.

If deemed nec­es­sary an audi­tor may be appoint­ed at the Annu­al Gen­er­al Meet­ing.  The finan­cial year is 1 Novem­ber to 31 Octo­ber.

The Past Pres­i­dent role is both hon­orary and advi­so­ry.  The Past Pres­i­dent does not have a vote on the exec­u­tive.  The main duty of the Past Pres­i­dent is to pre­pare a slate of offi­cers and direc­tors for the fol­low­ing year’s Board.

6. Elections

The offi­cers of the Soci­ety shall be nom­i­nat­ed and elect­ed by bal­lot, if so desired, at the annu­al Gen­er­al Meet­ing.  Should any offi­cer be unable to com­plete his/her term, the Board shall have the pow­er by a two-thirds vote at any law­ful meet­ing to elect a suc­ces­sor.  5.

7.  Amendments

The Con­sti­tu­tion or the bylaws may be altered or amend­ed by a two-thirds vote of eight (8) or more mem­bers present at any Annu­al Gen­er­al Meet­ing.  Notice of pro­posed amend­ment will be sub­mit­ted to the Board in writ­ing not less than one (1) month pri­or to the Annu­al Gen­er­al Meet­ing.

8. Annual General Meeting–Order of Business

  • Call to order
  • Overview of the Agen­da
  • Moment of Remem­brance for mem­bers who have died since last AGM
  • Min­utes of pre­vi­ous Annu­al Gen­er­al Meet­ing
  • Dor­re­spon­dence
  • Pres­i­den­t’s Address
  • Sec­re­tary’s Report
  • Trea­sur­er’s Report
  • Stand­ing Com­mit­tee writ­ten reports avail­able to mem­ber­ship
  • Appoint­ment of Audi­tor ( if deemed nec­es­sary)
  • Amend­ments to Con­sti­tu­tion and/or Bylaws
  • Elec­tion of Offi­cers and Board
  • Adjourn­ment



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