by Diane Strickler.

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Zuber’s Corners

by Susie Motz

Many of the roads in our community have been named after families that settled in the area and Zuber’s Corners is no exception. There is no road sign to tell one they are at Zuber’s Corners. It is close to West Montrose but the family it is named after has roots in Maryhill.Zuber’s Corners can be found half-way between Guelph and Elmira on Line 86 at the intersection of the Katherine Street (which runs between Elora and Winterbourne Road). It is close to both West Montrose and the covered bridge. The cornerswerenamedafterJacob Zuber – a local resident that lived there for a ‘very long time’.His farm was on the South West Corner of the intersection. Jacob was a son of Charles Zuber and Maria Elizabeth Weiler. Charles,Maria,and Maria’s Father–Ignatius Weiler were all from Unzhurst Baden Germany and were among Maryhill’s founding families.


by Tom Schell

Freiburg was known as Rombach Corner in 1840.Early  businesses were a blacksmith shop, a wagon maker, a brewery, a cider mill, and a weaving mill. In 1847 a general store and a post office were added. The post office was moved to New Germany in 1852. As part of our 40th anniversary celebration and Canada 150 we are working with Woolwich Township to erect a roadside sign to recognize this historic village. 


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