The Old Walled Cemetery in Maryhill is located beside St. Boniface Church at 1367 Maryhill Rd.

The original St Boniface Cemetery (also known as the “Old Walled” cemetery) was established in its present location in 1851. An earlier cemetery was established in 1834 across the road. The oldest tombstone is dated 1843. There are 693 tombstones and 74 unmarked graves. In the centre of this cemetery is a large white tombstone marking the graves of some of the former priests of this parish. In 2015 a Monument to Ancestors was added to replace those tombstones that had deteriorated.

A self tour guide to the cemetery is available at Halter House. See also Diane Strickler,  St Boniface Cemetery, Maryhill published by the Waterloo Historical Society.

The following link will connect you to Ron Schmuck’s website.  Ron has been doing restoration work in the cemetery.


Monument to Ancestors

In the summer of 2015 the Maryhill Historical Society, in partnership with the Cemetery Board of St Boniface Church and other groups erected a monument in the Old Walled Cemetery to replace those monuments which had deteriorated over the years.  The Society provided  the names of the ancestors listed on the new monument.

     The names of the Ancestors are listed on both sides of the Monument

Lualia Adams John Gehl Henry Lehmann Magdalena Seitz
Johanna Allgeier Laurentius Goetz Joseph Lehman Michael Seitz
Christian Bauman Maria Anna Goetz  Joseph Lehman Wilhelm Seitz
Joseph Berberich Martin Goetz Theresa Lehman Felix Shumacker
Lorenz Beitz Mary Goetz Elizabeth Martin Catharina Siety
Magdalena Beingessner Henry Goetz Walburga Martin Maria Stieger
George Binder Alexius Halter Joseph Raiter Andrew Weiler
Rosalia Bitschy Peter Halter Andrew Reinhard Anton Weiler
Brohman Boy Frances Haus Mary Ann Reinhard Antonia Weiler
Beartha Brohman Elizabeth Heintzman Martin Reinhart Elizabeth Weiler
Hugo Brohman Jacob Heintzman Theresa Reinhart Ignatius Weiler
Magdalen Brohman Andrew Hummel George Rellinger Jacob Weiler
Bruder Girl Martin Hummel Louisa Rellinger Joseph Wendling
Henry Diemert Marion Joseph Regina Roemer Mary Wilhelm
John Drexler Franziska Keloffner Mary Roth Gertrude Zettel
Elizabeth Dudei Caroline Keller Alfred Schell Lucas Zettel
Magdalena Forma George Keller Catharina Schell Johanna Zettwuch
Maria Fischer Andrew Klein Edward Schelly Albin Zinger
Katherine Fischer Elizabeth Knoepfler Anton Scherer Alois Zinger
Maria Anna Frank Baby Kurtz Mickel Scherrer Chrisostimus Zinger
Maria Magdalena Frank Gottlieb Kurtz Magdalena Schohn Louis Zinger
Mathilda Frank Agnes Lauli Ida Schuett Maria Zinger
Catherine Fromm Frank Lehman Mary Schuett Maria Anna Zinger
Mathias Gabel Gottlieb Lehman  William Schuett Karl Ludwig Zuber


More Headstones in the Old Walled Cemetery


St Boniface Cemetery Wall Repairs



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