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The Old Walled Cemetery in Maryhill is located beside St. Boniface Church at 1367 Maryhill Rd.

The original St Boniface Cemetery (also known as the “Old Walled” cemetery) was established in its present location in 1851. An earlier cemetery was established in 1834 across the road. The oldest tombstone is dated 1843. There are 693 tombstones and 74 unmarked graves. In the centre of this cemetery is a large white tombstone marking the graves of some of the former priests of this parish. In 2015 a Monument to Ancestors was added to replace those tombstones that had deteriorated.

A self tour guide to the cemetery is available at Halter House. See also Diane Strickler,  St Boniface Cemetery, Maryhill published by the Waterloo Historical Society.


St Boniface Cemetery Wall Repairs