Family Histories

These family histories  and trees are connected to the early settlers of Maryhill. Thank you to these families for your donation.   They are available to peruse at the Halter House on Open House Sundays from June to September and by appointment at other times.

ANSTETT Genealogical record of the descendants of Joseph & Catharine Anstett 1986 donated by Jerry & Helen Kieffer

BITSCHI / BITSCHY / BEECHIE / BEECHEY / BEACHEYThe Canadian   Genealogical History of the Bitschi / Bitschy / Beechie / Beechey Beachey Family donated by Austin Beechey

BENNINGER / BENINGERBenninger / Beninger Cousins donated by Laurie Strome

BEINGESSNER / WENDLING Beingessner – Wendling Family History by Sister Mary Meyer donated by Leonard Bruder

BEINGESSNER & DOSMANJohn Beingessner & Bridget Dosman Family Tree donated by Jerry & Helen Kieffer

BROHMAN And now we are many – Brohman Family by Marilyn Tone Gray donated by Mrs. Theresa Schell

BROHMAN – A road well-travelled – Lorne Brohman life story donated by David Brohman

BRUDER Joseph & Catherine Bruder family history 1834-1992 donated by Leonard Bruder

BRUDER Philip Bruder family 1804-1876 donated by Leonard Bruder

BRUDERArthur Bruder family 1903 – 1975 Alice Luciel Pascoe 1914-1992 donated by Leonard Bruder

BRUDER Ignaz Bruder family 1780 – 1845 donated by Leonard Bruder

BRUDERDescendants of George Bruder 1615 – 1675 donated by Leonard Bruder

BRUDERJoseph Bruder family index compiled by Sam Weicher donated by Leonard Bruder

CLIFFORD Clifford Family Data – Elizabeth Ruth Clifford donated by Leonard Bruder

DOLL Doll Family Tree donated by Irene Doll

DREXLERDrexler History & Genealogy donated by Joan Drexler Richey

ECKERT Biography of Marianne Eckert – A memento to my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren

FEHRENBACH Descendants of Johannes Fehrenbach & Brigitta Seng donated by Marie Durrer-Voisin

FISCHER – The Fischer People donated by Maurice Kelly

GATSCHENE – Gatschene Family History

GEHLAncestors and Descendants of Charles and Mary Anna Gehl donated by Tom Hahn

GERMAN/FRENCH SETTLERSThe German- French Settlers of Waterloo County and surrounding counties of the beginnings 1824-1850s complied by Chris Bowman 1991-2011

GOETZFaith, Farm and Family – The Story of Oscar and Margaret Goetz donated by Ken Hanson

GOETZ – Appendix – Faith, Farm and Family donated by Ken Hanson

GOETZ Descendants of Mathias Goetz & Madelaine Blum donated by Lorraine T.M. Raftis Goetz

GOETZ / BROHMAN / LAUBER / LEHMAN Family Trees donated by Ken Hanson

GRUNDY In memory of Joe Grundy 1942 – 2000 donated by Marion Roes

HAUS / HAUSS Haus / Hauss Family Book 1

HAUS / HAUSS Haus / Hauss Family Book 2

HANSSON / FORWELLEast meets West – Hansson and Forwell Family History 2014 donated by El-Jay Hansson

KELLER George Keller and Elizabeth Magdalena Seitz Family donated by Leonard Bruder

KIEFFER – Joseph Kieffer and Maria Magdalena Stutter Family History donated by Jerry and Helen Kieffer

KLOEPFER / GILKER – Kloepfer / Gilker Canadian Ancestral Roots donated by Ed Schmitt

KLOEPFER – Kloepfer family photos donated by Ed Schmitt

KLOEPFER– Disc donated by Bill Kloepfer Jr.

KLOEPFER – Kloepfer Ancestral Data donated by Father Ed Scheuerman

KLOEPFER German / Canadian Heritage donated by Father Ed Scheuerman

KLOEPFER / GILKER Canadian Roots donated by C.V. Kloepfer 1991

KLOEPFER / KLOPFER – Kloepfer / Klopfer Genealogy & more donated by Bill Kloepfer

KLOEPFER Kloepfer Memories donated by Rev. Edward L. Scheuerman

KLOEPFER Kloepfers of New Germany donated by Ed Schmitt

KUENNEMANNDescendants of Joseph & Pierre (Peter) Kuennemann of Mortzwiller, Alsace, France donated by Larry Kuennemann & Roberta Corbin

KUNKEL Descendants of Johann Adam Kunkel & Gertrud Hornit donated by Larry Edward Martin

MEYERLouis Meyer Sr. Family donated by Sharon Koch

REINHART Martin Reinhart Family donated by Beatrice & Eileen Reinhart

REINHART Joseph Reinhart Family Tree donated by Shirley Reinhart

REINHARTJohn Reinhart Family Tree donated by Shirley Reinhart

REINHARTReinhart Heritage – Germany 1617 – Canada 1993 donated by Gerrard Dietrich

REINHARTFamily History of Gottfried Reinhart donated by Eileen Reinhart

REIST Peter Reist of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and some of his Descendants reprinted by George and Agnes Reist and donated by Diane Strickler 

SCHARBACH Scharbach Family Tree 2002 – donated by Lorraine Zeiler

SCHELLSchells of New Germany donated by Thomas L. Schell

SCHMIDT / EPOCH / SHONIKER – Schmidt / Epoch / Shoniker Family Trees for Faith Farm & Family – The Story of Oscar and Margaret Goetz donated by Ken Hanson

SCHEUERMANScheuerman memories donated by Father Ed. Scheuerman

SCHMUCK – Schmuck Tree donated by Ron Schmuck

SCHLOSSER – Schlosser Family Tree donated by Julie & Mike Schlosser

SCHUETT The Schuett Saga donated by Don Raper

SCHUETT The Schuett Saga – Generations 8 donated by Don Raper

SCHUMAKER – The Schumaker Family Tree donated by Shirley Hoffarth

SCHUMAKER – Mathias Schumaker & Gertrud Kraemer donated by Leonard Bruder

SCOTTWilliam Scott and his extended family donated by Marie Voisin

STEFFLER Stefflers – Early Settlers donated by Eileen Wilson

STEFFLER Joseph Steffler & Barbara Ditner compiled by Sister Virgina Steffler donated by Ted Isley

STEFFLER – George Steffler & Maria Anna Weiler donated by Eileen Wilson

STEFFLER John Michael Steffler Family Tree donated by Eileen Wilson

STEFFLER – Abby Steffler & Barney Rich donated by Eileen Wilson

STEFFLERMarianna Steffler & William Zuber donated by Eileen Wilson

STEFFLER Louis Steffler & Johanna Mariann Lang donated by Eileen Wilson

STEFFLER George Steffler Family donated by Eileen Wilson

STEFFLER Leon Steffler Family donated by Eileen Wilson

STEMMLERThe Joseph Stemmler & Magdalena Gatschene Family donated by Joseph Stemmler

UHRICHUhrich ancestors and their families – Alsace to Waterloo & Bruce Counties donated by Wayne Visnowski

WAECHTER Descendants of Theobald Waechter family donated by Maurice Kelly

WAECHTER George Waechter & Barbara Foerster 1846 – 1997 compiled by Blanche Moser donated by Leonard Bruder

VOISINCaspar Voisin & Maria Zichar Family Tree donated by Dianne Kuntz

WEILERWeiler pictures donated by John J. Weiler

WEILER Weilers of Maryhill, Ontario – 3 related clan families 1803 – 2005 donated by John J. Weiler

WEISHAARThe Weishaar family 1818-1983 donated by Evelyn Cronin O’Neill

WILHELM Family History of Anthony Wilhelm II donated by Beatrice Reinhart

YAECK – Frederick Yaeck & Katherine Dieger Genealogy 1968 compiled by Albert Yaeck,  typed by Katherine Wilt  donated by Leonard Bruder

JANZ (YANTZ) Janz Family Reunion – Souris, Manitoba June 30 – July 2, 2006 donated by Diane Strickler

ZETTEL Johann Zettel descendants from 1720. Donated by Leonard Bruder

ZINGERThe families of Joseph & Theresia Zinger donated by Diane Strickler

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