Board Members

The Maryhill Historical Society Board’s term of office and financial year run from  November 1 to October 31.  Monthly meetings are held for all months with the exception of December and February. All Maryhill Historical Society Members are welcome to attend but asked to inform the Secretary prior to the monthly meeting at


Executive:  2023

President Linda Kennedy
         Vice President Frank Rider
Treasurer Ron Zinger
Secretary Erin Parsons
         Past President Tom Schell

Directors: 2023

Marg Drexler Betty Hinschberger
Doug Keller Carol Neumann
Diane Strickler


Executive:  2022

President Linda Kennedy
        Vice President George Isley
Treasurer Ron Zinger
Secretary Marg Drexler
         Past President Tom Schell

Directors: 2022

Betty Hinschberger Doug Keller
Carol Neumann Frank Rider
Ron Schmuck Diane Strickler
Mary Ann  Stroh Lee Ann Wetzel


Executive:  2021

President Tom Schell
Vice President Linda Kennedy
Secretary Marg Drexler
Treasurer Frances Vegh
Past President George Isley


Betty Hinschberger  Ron Schmuck
Doug Keller  Diane Strickler
Susie Motz MaryAnn Stroh
Carol Neumann  LeeAnn Wetzel
Frank Rider


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