The Old Walled Ceme­tery in Mary­hill is locat­ed beside St. Boni­face Church at 1367 Mary­hill Rd.

The orig­i­nal St Boni­face Ceme­tery (also known as the “Old Walled” ceme­tery) was estab­lished in its present loca­tion in 1851. An ear­li­er ceme­tery was estab­lished in 1834 across the road. The old­est tomb­stone is dat­ed 1843. There are 693 tomb­stones and 74 unmarked graves. In the cen­tre of this ceme­tery is a large white tomb­stone mark­ing the graves of some of the for­mer priests of this parish. In 2015 a Mon­u­ment to Ances­tors was added to replace those tomb­stones that had deteriorated.

A self tour guide to the ceme­tery is avail­able at Hal­ter House. See also Diane Strick­ler,  St Boni­face Ceme­tery, Mary­hill pub­lished by the Water­loo His­tor­i­cal Society.

The fol­low­ing link will con­nect you to Ron Schmuck­’s web­site.  Ron has been doing restora­tion work in the cemetery.


Monument to Ancestors

In the sum­mer of 2015 the Mary­hill His­tor­i­cal Soci­ety, in part­ner­ship with the Ceme­tery Board of St Boni­face Church and oth­er groups erect­ed a mon­u­ment in the Old Walled Ceme­tery to replace those mon­u­ments which had dete­ri­o­rat­ed over the years.  The Soci­ety pro­vid­ed  the names of the ances­tors list­ed on the new monument.

     The names of the Ances­tors are list­ed on both sides of the Monument

Lualia Adams John Gehl Hen­ry Lehmann Mag­dale­na Seitz
Johan­na Allgeier Lau­ren­tius Goetz Joseph Lehman Michael Seitz
Chris­t­ian Bauman Maria Anna Goetz  Joseph Lehman Wil­helm Seitz
Joseph Berberich Mar­tin Goetz There­sa Lehman Felix Shu­mack­er
Lorenz Beitz Mary Goetz Eliz­a­beth Martin Catha­ri­na Siety
Mag­dale­na Beingessner Hen­ry Goetz Wal­bur­ga Martin Maria Stieger
George Binder Alex­ius Halter Joseph Raiter Andrew Weil­er
Ros­alia Bitschy Peter Hal­ter Andrew Rein­hard Anton Weil­er
Brohman Boy Frances Haus Mary Ann Reinhard Anto­nia Weiler
Beartha Brohman Eliz­a­beth Heintzman Mar­tin Reinhart Eliz­a­beth Weiler
Hugo Brohman Jacob Heintz­man There­sa Reinhart Ignatius Weil­er
Mag­dalen Brohman Andrew Hum­mel George Rellinger Jacob Weil­er
Brud­er Girl Mar­tin Hummel Louisa Rellinger Joseph Wendling
Hen­ry Diemert Mar­i­on Joseph Regi­na Roemer Mary Wil­helm
John Drexler Franziska Keloffn­er Mary Roth Gertrude Zettel
Eliz­a­beth Dudei Car­o­line Keller Alfred Schell Lucas Zettel
Mag­dale­na Forma George Keller Catha­ri­na Schell Johan­na Zettwuch
Maria Fis­ch­er Andrew Klein Edward Schelly Albin Zinger
Kather­ine Fischer Eliz­a­beth Knoepfler Anton Scher­er Alois Zinger
Maria Anna Frank Baby Kurtz Mick­el Scherrer Chrisos­timus Zinger
Maria Mag­dale­na Frank Got­tlieb Kurtz Mag­dale­na Schohn Louis Zinger
Mathil­da Frank Agnes Lauli Ida Schuett Maria Zinger
Cather­ine Fromm Frank Lehman Mary Schuett Maria Anna Zinger
Math­ias Gabel Got­tlieb Lehman  William Schuett Karl Lud­wig Zuber


More Head­stones in the Old Walled Cemetery


St Boni­face Ceme­tery Wall Repairs



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