by Diane Strickler.

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Zuber’s Corners

by Susie Motz

Many of the roads in our com­mu­ni­ty have been named after fam­i­lies that set­tled in the area and Zuber’s Cor­ners is no excep­tion. There is no road sign to tell one they are at Zuber’s Cor­ners. It is close to West Mon­trose but the fam­i­ly it is named after has roots in Maryhill.Zuber’s Cor­ners can be found half-way between Guelph and Elmi­ra on Line 86 at the inter­sec­tion of the Kather­ine Street (which runs between Elo­ra and Win­ter­bourne Road). It is close to both West Mon­trose and the cov­ered bridge. The cor­ner­swer­e­namedafter­Ja­cob Zuber – a local res­i­dent that lived there for a ‘very long time’.His farm was on the South West Cor­ner of the inter­sec­tion. Jacob was a son of Charles Zuber and Maria Eliz­a­beth Weil­er. Charles,Maria,and Maria’s Father–Ignatius Weil­er were all from Unzhurst Baden Ger­many and were among Maryhill’s found­ing families.


by Tom Schell

Freiburg was known as Rom­bach Cor­ner in 1840.Ear­ly  busi­ness­es were a black­smith shop, a wag­on mak­er, a brew­ery, a cider mill, and a weav­ing mill. In 1847 a gen­er­al store and a post office were added. The post office was moved to New Ger­many in 1852. As part of our 40th anniver­sary cel­e­bra­tion and Cana­da 150 we are work­ing with Wool­wich Town­ship to erect a road­side sign to rec­og­nize this his­toric village. 


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