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News Articles

Newspaper Article 2018  Cemetery Repairs St Boniface Cemetery Repairs
Newspaper Article 2018 AGM-2018 2018 Historical Society Annual Meeting
Newspaper Article 2018 Sep 23 Heritage Day MHS Heritage Day – ObserverXtra
New Horizons Flyer 2018 September-December  New Horizons 2018 sep-dec
Newspaper Article 2018 July 17 History Award -Cameron Rebelo observerxtra.com/2018/07/17/cameron-rebelo-
Waterloo Reg. Heritage Awards 2018 May 12 Waterloo Historical Society https://observerxtra.com/2018/05/17/waterloo-
Historic Maryhill Inn for Sale 2018 May 4 Maryhill Inn Up For Sale Historic Maryhill Inn up for sale
Maryhill Cultural Study 2018 Mar Heritage Landscapes in Township Maryhill Cultural Study
New Horizons Flyer 2018 Jan January to May NH New Horizons 2018 sep-dec.-May 2018
Thank you letter 2017 Oct 13 MHS donates to KPL  Donation Thank you from KPL to MHS
Newspaper Article 2017 Sept 27 Heritage Day 2017 observerxtra.com/heritage-day-in-maryhill
Newspaper Article 2017 Aug 23 Cultural Heritage Landscapes https://www.therecord.com/news-story-
New Horizons Flyer 2017 Sept September to December New Horizons 2017
Newspaper Article 2017 July 14 History Award Alex Zettel Historical award for Maryhill student
Newspaper Article 2017 Aug 10 Canada Day 150 Canada 150 Recognition for Maryhill Residents
Newspaper Article 2016-Sept 15 New Horizons Group MP Harold Albrecht speaks to New Horizons


Newsletters are published four times each year:  Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter and are sent to members via email or hard copy for those with no email address.

In December members receive the annual calendar which highlights aspects of our history and significant birthdays of members.

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