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News Articles

News­pa­per arti­cle 2020 MHS His­to­ry Award https://st-boniface-school-graduation/
News­pa­per Arti­cle 2018  Ceme­tery Repairs St Boni­face Ceme­tery Repairs
News­pa­per Arti­cle 2018 AGM-2018 2018 His­tor­i­cal Soci­ety Annu­al Meet­ing
News­pa­per Arti­cle 2018 Sep 23 Her­itage Day MHS Her­itage Day — ObserverX­tra
New Hori­zons Fly­er 2018 Sep­tem­ber-Decem­ber  New Hori­zons 2018 sep-dec
News­pa­per Arti­cle 2018 July 17 His­to­ry Award ‑Cameron Rebe­lo observerxtra.com/2018/07/17/cameron-rebelo-
Water­loo Reg. Her­itage Awards 2018 May 12 Water­loo His­tor­i­cal Soci­ety https://observerxtra.com/2018/05/17/waterloo-
His­toric Mary­hill Inn for Sale 2018 May 4 Mary­hill Inn Up For Sale His­toric Mary­hill Inn up for sale
Mary­hill Cul­tur­al Study 2018 Mar Her­itage Land­scapes in Town­ship Mary­hill Cul­tur­al Study
New Hori­zons Fly­er 2018 Jan Jan­u­ary to May NH New Hori­zons 2018 sep-dec.-May 2018
Thank you let­ter 2017 Oct 13 MHS donates to KPL  Dona­tion Thank you from KPL to MHS
News­pa­per Arti­cle 2017 Sept 27 Her­itage Day 2017 observerxtra.com/heritage-day-in-maryhill
News­pa­per Arti­cle 2017 Aug 23 Cul­tur­al Her­itage Land­scapes https://www.therecord.com/news-story-
New Hori­zons Fly­er 2017 Sept Sep­tem­ber to Decem­ber New Hori­zons 2017
News­pa­per Arti­cle 2017 July 14 His­to­ry Award Alex Zettel His­tor­i­cal award for Mary­hill stu­dent
News­pa­per Arti­cle 2017 Aug 10 Cana­da Day 150 Cana­da 150 Recog­ni­tion for Mary­hill Res­i­dents
News­pa­per Arti­cle 2016-Sept 15 New Hori­zons Group MP Harold Albrecht speaks to New Hori­zons


Newslet­ters are pub­lished four times each year:  Spring, Sum­mer, Fall and Win­ter and are sent to mem­bers via email or hard copy for those with no email address.

In Decem­ber mem­bers receive the annu­al cal­en­dar which high­lights aspects of our his­to­ry and sig­nif­i­cant birth­days of mem­bers.

Newslet­ter-2020 — Sum­mer


Newslet­ter-2019 — Win­ter

Newslet­ter-2019 — Fall

Newslet­ter-2019 — Sum­mer


Newslet­ter-2018 — Win­ter

Newslet­ter ‑2018-Fall

Newslet­ter 2018 Sum­mer

Newslet­ter 2018-Spring






Newslet­ter ‑2015-Sum­mer

Newslet­ter ‑2015-Spring

Newslet­ter ‑2014-Fall

Newslet­ter ‑2014-Sum­mer



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